Page titles and authors
Jo the Jovyan

Adding titles to your book's pages

Jupyter Notebooks don't have an internal concept of a "title", but it's common to want an official title for each page of your book. Jupyter Book will add titles to your pages. You can enable this in your book's configuration file (config.yml) with the following setting:

page_titles: true

In this case, Jupyter Book will display the page's title at the top of each page.

How is the page's title determined?

Jupyter Book determines each page's title by looking in the following locations, in descending order of priority:

  • A title: field for this entry in the book's Table of Contents file (toc.yml)
  • A title: field in the page's metadata
  • A top-level header (#) in the first line of the page's content
  • The file name of the page, with the extension removed and spaces determined by the book configuration key filename_title_split_character:.

Adding authorship to your book's pages

You can also add an author by-line to each page of your book. To do so, use the page_authors: parameter in your book's _config.yml file. If set to true, then if a page's metadata has a defined author: field, then this field will be shown on the rendered page.